Face with a Name

Published on 24 March 2010 by in Employees and 4 legged friends


Since most of our customers are not local, I decided to post of a picture of who you are talking to when purchasing from Sandhill Plastics…

Let me introduce myself the proper way…

This is Joni Miller, who most of you talk to in sales…Along with Oak-lee, who most of you hear barking in the background…Now you have a face with a name!s1313605243_31219_1644

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Irish Day!

The dogs say “Wuf” and all got Green Treats today to celebrate- what happy little souls!

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This is one picture I finally got of this little girl- she’s a little scared and wary of people, but such a sweetheart!



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Updated Photos

Published on 23 February 2010 by in Employees and 4 legged friends


Here are some updated photos of the 4 legged friends at work!
They are in dog heaven every day and make us smile- work is so much better with them here to keep us company…

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I’m not woofing you. Dogs can be a terrific addition to the workforce, not just for people who are blind and not only on “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

Dogs at the office contribute surprising benefits that translate to increased productivity and joy on the job. During the National Happiness at Work Studies, managers, employees, and entrepreneurs told me that pets at work can even decrease healthcare costs.

Many of us cheerfully work overtime hours if a pet is present. Most owners love their dogs dearly. They don’t want to leave them home alone when they come to work, especially if they work long hours. This is particularly true if the person works a job they don’t like and when coworkers don’t reinforce them at least as much as their dog does. Rover is always glad to see us, but our colleagues are not always reinforcing.

Humans are hardwired to be nurturers. We love taking care of pets, including at work. We know we’re needed, valued, and appreciated even if the boss forgets to tell us.

Walking a dog gives us an opportunity to escape a difficult task for a few minutes and breathe some fresh air. During the National Happiness at Work Studies, I heard many comments like, “I couldn’t get the idea I needed until I got out of the office to walk my dog. I forgot all about my worries while watching him sniff around. All of a sudden, what I needed to do to solve a problem was crystal clear.” Taking a minibreak elevates our brainpower and makes us more creative. Some of us don’t take the time to take the break we need until Rover reminds us.

Scientists have proven that people have lower blood pressure and less stress when they’re petting an animal. Even fish in an aquarium calm and soothe most people, but dogs are one of the most reinforcing pets that exist. Unless they’ve been repeatedly abused, they’re cheerful, loyal, and very happy to see their caretakers. In fact, they essentially live to please their owners.

The dog’s emotional brain (the limbic system) resembles ours. This is why we bond so closely with dogs. Their hardwired empathy helps us through tough times.

Employees and managers I interviewed who have pets at work said they have happier, more loyal customers. This seemed to be especially true when the organization demonstrated it was a socially conscious company, such as by having a bowl on the counter where people could contribute to the local Humane Society or an animal rescue fund. The managers of Mail Plus in Chehalis, Washington, for example, were convinced their dog kept their customers happy while they waited in line for service.

Employees usually take turns regarding who bring their pets to work. Some offices have adopted an office pet that employees take turns caring for at night. Employees aren’t just more cheerful because dogs make most people feel special and happy. According to neuroscientific research, when Rover is happy, since his emotional brain is so similar to ours, we instinctively work through our gloomy moods more quickly. We unconsciously want to respond to our dog with a smile.

Canines can be especially helpful in businesses that specialize in helping people with health and emotional issues. Progressive hospitals warmly embrace dog visitation programs because Man’s Best Friend helps cancer patients get through painful days.

One therapist I interviewed uses a dog as his official greeter. Most people become less anxious when a friendly dog shows how pleased he is to see them.
Dogs almost always accept us just as we are. In fact, for some people, nothing makes them feel as worthy and totally acceptable as a dog. Of course, the therapist I just mentioned uses common sense. He makes sure to keep his dog separate from clients who may be dog phobic.


Of course, there are potential problems with dogs at work. Many pet owners think their dogs are more well-behaved than they really are. Dog training is essential before Rover shows up at work with his food dish and blanket.

In the National Happiness at Work Studies, employees reported becoming closer together when they planned a care program for an animal they enjoyed. They set clear boundaries and guidelines and made sure animals were trained, neutered, and their needs were met.

With a little planning, pets can add creativity, productivity, and fun to the workplace. This is only one of over 400 secrets of happiness at work we discovered during the National Happiness at Work Studies. We now know so many creative ways to design work experiences that employees love, from innovative professional development programs to proven conflict resolution approaches, office redesign, and total career makeovers. There’s no excuse not to enjoy your job today as much as a dog loves a juicy bone.

Visit http://MoreJoyOnTheJob.com and get your FREE Special Report,”25 Ways YOU Can Claim More Happiness at Work & Increase Profits & Productivity” and your FREE “Joy On the Job Ezine.” Doris Helge, Ph.D., is an executive coach & a corporate trainer for companies as large as Microsoft. Download sample chapters from Dr. Helge’s book, “Joy on the Job” at http://MoreJoyOnTheJob.com

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Logan got a new puppy over the weekend…

Name: Bentlee

Age: 14 weeks

Breed: Brittany Spaniel

Sex:  Male



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Samson & Seger

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The pups are growing up fast, at 8 months are soooo active and energetic!  As you can see from the pictures below!

Seger is now 58 lbs (white lab) and Samson (black lab) is 72 lbs.  Samson gets a few more calories in, obviously!

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Jim Weber never set out to “SAVE” the world with his recycling efforts, but he did find a way to turn used plastics into new products, thus, Sandhill Plastics was born.

The company has been in business for 18 years and “GROWING is an understatement.  Jim started out peddling products at local businesses, the company now ships across the globe.

The plastic sheeting is made from recycled plastics purchased from suppliers across the U.S.

From ice rinks in Canada to hog confinements in Asia, to right here in the U.S. for skateboard ramps, the plastic has become very versatile and popular with endless uses.

Weber is a true entrepreneur, entering a business back then that folks knew little about.  Quote: “It’s not an interest of mine to save the earth, my interest is economically driven.”

Weber researched recycled products while working at the University of Nebraska in Kearney, always finding a common theme;  People were recycling, but not finding a use for it after doing so, causing a break in the recycled loop.  Weber filled the gaps by doing his own research after visiting a plant in Omaha.

He developed his own method by using a skillet his wife had in the house, believe it or not.  He figured out it would cost approximately $400K to get started with the actual business, and set up a 5 year business plan.  He set out to surrounding banks to get financed.  He got 3 no’s and 1 maybe.  He pursued the maybe and it paid off.

Today, Sandhill Plastics is the largest manufacturer of recycled materials in Nebraska.  Truckloads of recycled plastic comes in and truckloads of extruded sheets goes out.   Clearly a remarkable feat, considering Weber started from making plastic in a skillet and now has the business you see today, which runs 2 extrusion machines and a full staff.

Manufacturers are catching on more and more since the early 1990’s on how to use post- consumer products. Today, the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality), awards grants to Nebraska communities for these efforts.  Weber has received some of that money to purchase die cut machines, wash machines, and the extruders because the products being made with them are 100% recycled.  The first extruder he ever got, he received $64,000 from DEQ as a grant to help out with the start up costs.  These machines are costly to purchase and very costly to run.  Every bit of financial help was appreciated.

Weber says “If I would have listened to everyone with an idea or better way to run my business, I wouldn’t be here today….I had that 5 year plan and that kept me on course.”

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Pets in the Workplace

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We believe in a relaxed and fun work environment, which is why at Sandhill Plastics, the employees bring their  pets to work.

Ranging from 4 years old to 6 months with the boss’ newest addition, they all get along remarkably well.

Quite the bunch!  Let me proudly introduce our 4 legged friends:

Oak-lee, Sheltie– 4 yrs

Wynzer, Corgi– 2 yrs

Jocee Jo, Corgi– 1 yr

Jaxsyn, Black Lab/Shepard- 2 yrs

Gea, Border Collie– 2 yrs

Colby, Pitbull/Chow- 3 yrs

Seger, White Lab– 6 mths

Samson, Black Lab- 6 mths

They offer happy tail wagging, paws for a handshake and always a hug.

This keeps minimal stress throughout the day, and smiles all around for our customers.

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