Recycling Rubber

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Rubber, being durable and safe, is put to a plethora of industrial use. The tire industry is the biggest user of rubber, be it artificial or natural. But, unfortunately, rubber cannot be destroyed easily and cannot be burned due to the toxic gases it emits while burning. Rubber recycle is the only solution to the problem. Most of the recycled rubber goes into the production of rubber granules which can be used as mulch for a wide range of operations.

The granulated rubber is best suited for agricultural operations. It keeps away pests, weeds etc and prevents soil moisture and nutrients from escaping through evaporation and erosion. Landscape mulch is a modern form of the monotonous rubber mulch which is used for landscaping purposes. Being available in different colors, they can add color to your garden.

The material is obtained by cleaning used rubber treads and removing impurities like chemical remnants etc by putting the treads through high temperature and pressure. The resultant product is environment friendly and safe. Once laid, it does not wash away or decay like other mulches. Organic mulches, once they decay, emit a foul smell, invite harmful insects and form an impenetrable layer under the surface soil.

Landscaper Mulch is increasingly been used across the globe these days as more and more people become alive to environmental issues and the importance of recycling as a means to save resources and energy. You also can join the campaign by way of buying and using the resultant product of rubber recycle.

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Rubber Floors

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As an alternative product, we manufacture a plastic/rubber blend material.  It’s made from 100% recycled rubber tires and 100% recycled plastic HDPE.  It’s a cheaper alternative for many uses, including flooring.

Below is an article that explains some of the reasons to use a rubber product for flooring.

Many rehabilitation centers want to provide a professional and clean environment for their patients. It is important to have the right type of flooring for an office that will be receiving a lot of traffic.

Rubber flooring rolls are a good alternative as flooring for a busy office. For instance, rubber flooring will help to adjust the sound from people walking through the office.

Also, this type of flooring will prevent any spills from destroying the floor. Furthermore, rubber flooring is easy to maintain and the office will not need to upgrade the floor covers for a few years.

Most rehabilitation centers tend to be noisy from the interaction between patient and doctors. In addition, rubber flooring can help with adjusting the sound of walking and talking that echoes through the center.

Usually, there are a number of patients at any given moment that’s working on rehabilitating their body at the same time. Some patients will bring their family members to the session.

Moreover, the sessions can get a little noisy with so many people working in the same building. Installing rubber flooring in an office will create a quiet and calm environment.

Also, this type of flooring tends to absorb the noise. Rubber flooring will help improve the sound quality in your office to make the work environment more productive.

If you are working in a busy office then there will be some spills on the flooring. For instance, some patients or their family members will bring in drinks and could have a possible accident by spilling the drink.

If you continue to get spills on the carpet then stains will start to build up on the carpet. In addition, you should consider rubber flooring rolls because spills will not soak into this type of flooring.

One of the advantages of using this type of flooring is that the spill tends to sit on the surface of the flooring. You don’t have to worry about the spill soaking into the flooring like with carpet.

Also, the rubber flooring will prevent any smells or stench running through the office. Moreover, the right flooring should be chose for a fast pace office.

Many rehabilitation offices use different types of floor covering and some office have to change their carpets every year. In addition, you could save on money by choosing heavy duty flooring that’s resistance to stains.

Some offices like to use rubber flooring because it’s easy to maintain. Also, the flooring doesn’t have to be change as often as carpet and hard wood floors. For instance, carpet requires constant cleaning in order to maintain the carpet.

Hardwood floors can become scratched up and required to be buffered on a regular basis. It is important to maintain the floors in order to provide a professional and clean environment.

The floor is an important physical aspect of any office because shabby floor treatments can make the office look unprofessional. In addition, you want patients to feel comfortable when visiting the rehabilitation center.

Furthermore, rubber flooring rolls is the right alternative for any office that wants to provide a professional and calm environment for their patients.

Main Point 1 – Alter the Sound
Point A – reduce noise in the center
Point B- Create a quiet and calm environment
Point C – Absorb noise

Main Point 2 – Prevent any spills on floor
Point A – Spills will not soak into the flooring
Point B – No smell
Point C – will not stain the flooring

Main Point 3 – Rubber floor is easy to maintain
Point 1 – no threads pulled from carpet or scratched flooring
Point 2 – Appearance of flooring look shabby and rundown
Point 3 – Rubber floors are resilient, keep the office looking fresh and professional

Did you know that some Rubber Flooring Rolls are made from recycled auto tires? You can recycle and go green at the same time as you renovate.  

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