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Tyroc is a subflooring product, available in the USA and CANADA, that Sandhill Plastics manufactures.

  • Easy to install with 4′ x 16″ panels
  • No tongue and groove, doesn’t require nailing or gluing to ground
  • Edges can be easily caulked
  • Install over concrete
  • Don’t need to acclimatize- install immediately
  • 100% Green product- all recycled or natural materials used
  • Warm
  • Seals out moisture
  • Resists Mildew and Mold
  • Doesn’t Decompose or Rot

Call Doug Weber for USA at 602- 790-7741

Call Jeff Werner for CANADA at 519-831-3244

4 Responses to “TYROC”

  1. Dennis Hickethier says:

    How much does Tyroc cost per panel and where can I buy it? I live in Gettysburg, PA.

  2. Sandhill says:

    Please call Doug at 1-602-790-7741. He is the rep for America.
    He will assist you.

  3. Dennis says:

    I live in Northeast Indiana and want to purchase the TYROC product. I am finishing my basement and need approximately 1500 square feet. Where can I buy this product?

  4. Sandhill says:

    You will need to call Doug Weber- he’s the rep for the USA. His # is 602-790-7741. He’s located in Indianapolis, IN.