Tyroc Overflooring

Published on 17 February 2010 by in Rubber Tidbits


Turn rooms with cold, damp concrete floors into spaces that are dry, cozy, and foot friendly.  Tyroc makes concrete comfortable!

Go to tyrocinc.com for more information on this great flooring option.

Environmentally friendly, this product is 100% recycled,  saving tires and plastic bottles from the landfills.  (11.5 recycled tires + 6800 plastic water bottles = 500 Square feet of tyroc overflooring)

Tyroc floats above the concrete, which isolates the floor covering, smoothing surfaces that are slightly uneven and helps prevent foundational cracks from damaging tiles.

Easy to carry

Easy to install

No hammering nails to put together

No tongue and groove that can be damaged

Edges glue easily together

No need to acclimize- installation immediately

Check Tyroc out today for your subflooring options!

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