What to do with Recycled Rubber?

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Rubber has many ideal qualities for a floor mating. For one, it is extremely durable. It can withstand any weight or impact without being permanently deformed. It is also very common. Used rubber can be remade into floor mating, which can be used for different purposes.

For instance, recycled rubber is usually made into rubber floor mats in day care centers. These re-used rubber floor mats can be placed both indoors and outdoors. They can lessen the wear and tear on the flooring and protect the flooring against spills and other accidental damage that may occur.

The material can also be used at gyms and weight rooms. Reused rubber floor mats are excellent for activities where a person has to wear spiked or special-soled shoes, such as those used in baseball and golf. Apart from gyms and weight rooms, locker room and sauna baths are two other places where they can be converted and used as a floor mat.

Rubber is also a material that can also be used to cover walkways and ramps in water parks, resorts, and skating rinks. Rubber is durable enough to resist the impact of activities held in these areas. It also provides increased shoes traction that prevents fall, slipping, and similar accidents.

They may also be used as floor mats for industrial areas like restaurants and bars. They can enhance the safety of these areas as it prevents accidents that may cause injuries to workers or employees. Muscle fatigue can also be reduced when people stand on these rubber mats.

Recycled rubber may also be used at home especially in the kitchen, outside the bathroom, or the laundry area. These are areas usually wet, and rubber mats can absorb the water quite well. Aside from being slip resistant, they are also easier to clean and durable as well.

Reusing rubber has its benefits. For one, recycling is a direction that is increasingly being taken to increase our environment friendliness. Rubber is non-biodegradable and the best way to make good use of previously owned rubber is to recycle it.

The author is an advocate of recycling. She also promotes gym and industrial safety through the use of materials that increase the safety level of workers in their work areas. Visit the author’s Rubber Matting and Flooring Guide to learn more.

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