Gift of Recycling

Published on 28 May 2010 by in Internal News, Recycling


Over the last decade, we have seen a rise in the amount of folks looking to buy recycled products, plastic sheets included.

Sandhill Plastics does manufacture 100% recycled sheets, and although we aren’t here to “SAVE THE WORLD”, we are definitely here to do our part in helping and providing recycled materials for consumers.

The growing interest does make the cost of raw materials increase and therefor prices will be adjusted to accommodate such a trend.  Most of the interest seen for recycled goods is primarily because of cost, not to save the environment.  Some companies get a kick back in government grants for using recycled content, such as plastic containers, etc.

A lot of companies or consumers have a hard time paying premium amounts for recycled goods, when they see the BRAND NEW goods, or virgin as a better deal.  Understandable, but the product is not compromised in any way and does save the Earth while using it over a virgin material.

HDPE uses less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which hopefully will score some points with those concerned about it.  Plus will keep the cost somewhat down because energy cost aren’t near as high to produce product.

2 Responses to “Gift of Recycling”

  1. mike pridmore says:

    can I cnc shapes out of recycled sheet and glue them together.
    How strong would the bond be?

    what colours in 3/8″ thickness are there?

  2. Sandhill says:

    Mike- colors are black or white, nothing will stick to the plastic so glue is not an option. It will not bond, sorry.

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