Just a reminder to all:

We have rubber/blend plastic sheeting we can manufacture here at Sandhill Plastics Inc.

It’s 50/50 blend of recycled tires (rubber), and recycled plastic (HDPE).

As always, we bring you 100% recycled material for the products we make.

Call today for a quote, and use the rubber blend plastic sheet as a cheaper alternative for your project needs!

3 Responses to “Rubberblend plastic sheeting”

  1. Mike says:

    You sent me some black poly samples which I thought we great but I just found this “Rubberblend” option.

    I think this might even be a better application for what I am thinking of. I plan on cutting the products to line the walls of our utility trailers that have railings. A lot of customers want “solid” sides so this stuff looks like it would be durable and not rust like metal sides would. The poly product looks good but I did wonder if it would become britle in the COLD MN temps? The rubberblend product seems like it might work better? If you have some samples of the rubberblend material in black I would appreciate seeing some in 1/4″ and 1/8″.


    Mike Hallblade
    AbsoluteTrailer Sales
    9601 Jefferson Trail West
    Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

    651-454-8650 Ext. 202

  2. Sandhill says:

    I do have samples and I will get them out to you on Monday.
    The plastic we manufacture is not brittle, it’s very rigid but it won’t crack or break in the cold temps.
    I will send you more information in a private email. Thanks!

  3. Norm Brown says:

    rebuilding a horse van, like a school bus with doors in the middle on each side. Want to cover the curved inside of the van with a durable, flexible, washable clean material. Would you recommend a straight plastic material or a rubberblend. Also would a thick rubber blend work on the floor with 2000 lb horses with shoes walking on it? Thanks for helping us keep our environment cleaner.