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Please check out Tyroc Website….

It is a new product used in subflooring that we manufacture.


The tyroc “Soft Walk” subflooring system
Designed by contractors and engineers, tyroc is water proof and mold and mildew resistant and is easy to install. The tyroc Soft Walk technology gives you a subfloor that is both durable and very comfortable on your family’s feet. tyroc is very quiet to walk on – its unique construction eliminates the clicking noise and lifting that are common on many wooden and plastic subfloor systems.

Environmentally Friendly
tyroc is an environmentally friendly product that eliminates millions of used tires and plastic water bottles from land fill sites. 2.5 car tires and 18.6 lbs. of plastic bottles are used in the production of each 100 sq. feet of tyroc. The surface board is made from natural, fireproof, inorganic material. Our choice of surface material eliminates the need to cut down millions of trees each year to make subfloor products for homes in America.

Energy Saving
tyroc saves money on energy – no need to run a dehumidifier either before, during or after installation. tyroc acts as a highly effective barrier to moisture and cold and can increase floor temperatures by up to 30%, which can reduce your home heating costs.

Take It Home and Install It Immediately
tyroc can be installed immediately after purchase – no need to acclimatize the panels prior to installation.

More Headroom
tyroc’s low profile ensures that a basement using tyroc has up to 1” more headroom than basements with wood subflooring system.

Easy to Carry Fast and Easy Installation
tyroc is available in easy to carry 48”X16”X 1/2”panels. The engineered 5.3 square foot panels are 20% – 30% faster to install than wood subflooring products.

tyroc panels remains firmly in place during installation which eliminates the need to continuously reset the subfloor during installation as is common with tongue and groove subfloor systems.

Adjusts to Uneven Floors
No leveling shims are required to install the tyroc subfloor. The molded rubber base is very flexible and automatically adjusts to minor variances in the floor.

Use Over New or Seasoned Concrete
Tyroc can be used over new or seasoned concrete floors. No need to wait for the concrete floor to season.

Carpet, Tile, Linoleum, Laminate Flooring
Carpets, tile and linoleum can be installed directly on top of the tyroc panels. There is no need to purchase and install additional layers plywood or ¼”underlay prior to installing carpeting, tile or linoleum.  Unlike many wood subflooring systems, belt sanding is not required to correct panel distortion caused by moisture when installing linoleum directly onto tyroc.

Stability – No Contraction and No Expansion
tyroc is virtually impervious to most elements and provides exceptional durability and stability. tyroc will not contract or expand when exposed to moisture, humidity or dry conditions.

tyroc Composition
Surface Board:
The patented tyroc surface board is composed of magnesium oxide, and is ideal for use in wet or damp areas. It is virtually impervious to fire, water and insects, will not feed mildew or mold and is non-toxic.

Molded Base:
The tyroc molded base is composed of a blend of recycled rubber from used tires and recycled plastic bottles; is virtually impervious to water and insects and will not feed mildew or mold. The engineered grooves provide   drainage to allow moisture to move to drains, provide a water proof barrier and permit airflow under the floor.

tyroc Panel Usage per Room

Room Size    8X10    8X12    10X10    10X12    10X16    12X12    12X14    12X16    12X20    14X16    14X20    16X20    20X20    20X24

Area – Sq. Ft.    80    96    100    120    160    144    168    192    240    224    280    320    400    480

Suggested Panels     16    19    19    23    31    28    32    37    46    43    53    61    76    91
TPL 200 adhesive
(10.1 FL. OZ))     3     6     6    6     6    6     6     6     9     9     11     11     14     14

Total Sq. Ft of room (___________) Divided by 5.3 Equals Total Panels Recommended.

Installation Guide
See the tyroc Installation video at www.tyrocinc.com for further information.

Limited Warranty
tyroc has a limited 30 Year Warranty. For more details visit our website www.tyrocinc.com

21 Responses to “Tyroc Promo”

  1. Dolores says:

    I want to install laminate flooring in our basement and was told about using a floating underlay, ie Dricore, but came across this info on Tyroc. I have a 1980 house and the basement is in sand on a hill so moisture should not be an issue BUT…. We run a dehumidifier down there all summer and that says it all. We want to develope the basement into a suite and may live in it ourselves so it has to be dry. The floor is in very good condition and was painted many years ago. Whats your feedback and were can we buy your product ? We’re in Saskatchewan Canada but can shop in Norh Dakota US

  2. Sandhill says:

    Tyroc is a wonderful product that will work well for your needs as a subflooring material. tyrocinc.com is the website if you would like to further read about it and check it out. I have sent you a personal email to tell you where to call for pricing and information. Thanks, JONI

  3. Su says:


    We are planning to finish our basement. We see water puddles every time when we have a high rain. Contractor is saying that it might be coming up from the ground since cement is porus

    Going through the articles about basement flooring I came across Tyroc.

    How good Tyroc is for my type basement? and how much it is?


  4. Jared says:

    If I am using Tyroc in my basement as a subfloor is it recommended to build the walls ontop of the tyroc or to but the tyroc up agains the bottome plate?


  5. Sandhill says:

    Hi Jared- I will need to have you call Doug with installation questions- he is the rep for the USA.
    We strictly manufacture the product, so I can’t answer that question.
    His # is 602-790-7741

  6. Pat says:

    I am looking for pricing and a distributor in the RI (USA) area. Why is this not carried by any of our local hardware chains?

  7. Sandhill says:

    Hi Pat:
    You will need to contact Doug Weber and talk with him- he is the rep in the USA. HIs # is 620-790-7741. Sandhill Plastics only manufactures this product- we don’t sell it.

  8. Kevin says:

    HI, I am interested in installing Tyroc throughout an ~1000 sq ft concrete base area. There are some areas that have linoleum previously installed in this space. Must I remove the linoleum first or can I place Tyroc over the linoleum? Thanks..

  9. Sandhill says:

    Hi Kevin:
    You will need to contact the Tyroc folks directly. The representative for the US is Doug Weber and his # is 602-790-7741.

  10. natalie says:

    Hi I am about to buy a house that needs basement flooring, I have researched many floors and sub floors and would really like to go with tyroc. I’m running into a slight problem tho. I can’t find a distributer here, I close on october 5th and have to have my flooring down with in 2 weeks of closing. Is there a distributer here that I have missed? if not how long will it take to ship this product to me. Also is there a warranty? I watched a video that said there is a 15yr on commercial but it said nothing about residencial. Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing back.

  11. ellie says:

    hey sandhill plastics.
    i am looking to install 700 sq ft of tyroc flooring in my mobile home near st augustine florida. is it sold localling or can i have it delivered?

  12. Sandhill says:

    We are the manufacturer of the rubberblend included on the product.
    You will need to call Bob Plummer or email him at rplummer@bjetinc.com
    He is taking all orders.

  13. eric says:

    were can I buy tyroc subfloor in Indiana or close by here???? P.S. and how much does it cost??? THANKS!!!!

  14. Rickey Perez says:

    Hi Eric,

    How many sq. ft. do you need? You can give me a call at 973-464-7871. The organization that I work for, Mathusek Incorporated, has a relationship to work with Tyroc Inc. If you having trouble getting answers, feel free to call me.


    Rickey G. Perez

  15. david norman says:

    Where can I buys this and have it shipped to my house in metarie la

  16. Sandhill says:

    Call us at 800-644-7141 and ask for Joni- that is her direct line and she does all the sales. We can ship to you.

  17. David Rickert says:

    Looking to purchase some Tyroc in SouthEastern WI looking for a local distributor.

  18. Sandhill says:

    Please call Matrix Basement Systems at 847-305-4445. Ask about Tyroc and they will get you to a rep.

  19. Mark Filipponi says:

    I am looking to buy tyroc subfloor. I live in hamilton square. Nj. My zip code is 08690. Please let me know how to get my order completed. My phone number is 609-902-8672.

  20. Sandhill says:

    Please contact David at Office: 1-519-624-9510
    He will be able to help you with an order.

  21. mary says:

    Does anyone have any feedback on how this flooring has worked for you.

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