Build a Kennel for Dogs with HDPE

Published on 16 January 2010 by in Plastics Tidbits


Building your own kennel unit is a very feasible project. By constructing one on your own, you can easily incorporate the necessary specifications that your pets need.  If you have the tools and armed with the right instructions, you can get started….

A dog kennel can be designed to follow the principles of convenience for you and comfort for your pets. These considerations will guide you to choosing the right materials, layout and design of the kennels.

With convenience in cleaning and maintaining the kennel in mind, you will be able to design the unit that will allow for ease in carrying out sanitation procedures. For example, plastic instead of wood for flooring. Steel is expensive and wood can splinter.  Plastic is affordable and easy to maintain and clean.  Also allows comfort for your pet.

Concrete may also be used for the base of multi-units, however lining with plastic sheets will allow for a cleaner kennel and easier maintenance, avoiding dealing with the cracks that can form from concrete and cause parasites to fester over time.

You can also customize the kennel to slope for better drainage. You can conveniently hose down dirt from the kennel compartments and not have to wipe or mop them clean. You can eliminate odor or keep it at minimum with more frequent disinfection.  The plastic isn’t porous and allows a slick surface to properly remove all feces and dirt.

Call us and talk about your options if you are interested!  We offer colors, too if you would like a little more flair in your kennel for your dog.

6 Responses to “Build a Kennel for Dogs with HDPE”

  1. Laura Means says:

    We want to use HDPE for the walls and make 8 kennels, side-by-side. They would need to be 5′ wide by 8′ long to fit in a building 40′ wide. They would need a back and two sides, 6′ high, with a gate in front. Please let me know if you have done kennels like these.

  2. Sandhill says:

    Please call me and I can discuss further with you what you will need- our plastic works well in this application. Thanks 800-644-7141 direct line for Joni

  3. }sebastian says:

    I would like to buy hdpe sheets, i would use it for kennels, i am from mexico, do you send overhere?, zip 89190

  4. Sandhill says:

    I can ship to the border and then you would be responsible for getting it into the country and shipped on to you….

  5. Chris Farley says:

    I want to use this type of plastic in my dog kennels. Is it possible to put over concrete flooring but still maintain the drain in center? Also where are u located I need something as close to Dallas Tx as possible. It seems the product is within my budget but the shipping tips over the edge lol.

  6. Sandhill says:

    We are located in Nebraska and the plastic would work perfect for your application. I do not have any distributors in your area- you would have to order direct from us and pay for shipping.

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