What is Sandhill Plastics’ competitive advantage?
First, our pricing is extremely competitive. Customers find they get far more for their budget with us. But there’s much more. When a customer comes to us with certain specs or colors needed, we exercise every option to meet them.  Our staff is well informed about the characteristics of the plastic and is ready to assist you immediately.  Sandhill Plastics prides itself on service and quality, thus giving us a competitive advantage.

Can Sandhill Plastics compete with some of the giants?
While we may not yet have the brand recognition that some of our competitors enjoy, we’re actually not a small company anymore by many standards. We support hundreds of clients across the U.S. – and we ship internationally. Our product line and services are broad and deep. And we’re currently the quickest provider in this area. That’s why we do compete so successfully with the giants. Being an independent business gives us perhaps the greatest competitive advantage. Our customers are always able to speak with us – the management team is ALWAYS available and has been a consistent team from day one!

With rapid technology changes and new regulations, how can clients be assured Sandhill Plastics will keep pace with a changing world?
Sandhill Plastics has made consistent capital investments and will continue to do so in the future. In other words, we have invested in the needs of our customers.  We will continue to invest so that we meet our customers’ demands better than anyone else can.

Is Sandhill Plastics willing to go the extra mile to win new business?
Absolutely! We have the drive, passion and flexibility to win new business. And we have the proven value, premier services and trusted solutions to earn the new business.